Wednesday 13 March


A five piece celtic rock band formed by SHANE MACGOWAN and PAUL MCGUINNESS. With special guest: ZEPTEPI

& SHOW STARTS 8.40pm

The Popes repertoire contains references to traditional Irish music and Shane MacGowan but the highlight are songs created by the genius of Paul ‘Mad Dog’ McGuinness.

Originally formed by Paul McGuinness and Shane MacGowan. the Popes of today are a new and dangerous animal; the sound is melodic, Celtic and original. The Popes are a rock’n’roll band with the soul of a fiddler at the crossroads.

They play the sort of music that makes people, even clumsy and uncoordinated people like me, want to get up and dance. Songs like, ‘Rock & Roll Paddy’, ‘Bastards’ and the almost ballad like ‘Outlaw Heaven’ are how you think Irish folk would sound with a little bit of rock’n’roll thrown in.
Fresh from their acclaimed Australian debut at the 2012 National Celtic Festival, The Popes, with McGuinness’ high kicks and infectious personality, are the complete stage show.

The Popes are a five piece celtic rock band formed by Shane MacGowan and Paul McGuinness in the early 1990’s after Shane MacGowan was sacked from the Pogues.

The Popes have three albums post Shane MacGowan: Holloway Boulevarde, Outlaw Heaven and New Church.

Paul Mad Dog McGuinness is the songwriter and lead vocalist. Paul is no stranger to fronting a band – he had to step in on many occasions and take over when Shane was indisposed.

Now with a stage show blending the Irish celtic rock standards and Popes originals, The Popes present a dynamic presence.

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Doors open 8pm (Music starts 8.40pm)