Tinpan Orange

Saturday 20 April


With special guest: Lauren Glezer + ROSCOE JAMES IRWIN

Six-foot frontwoman Emily Lubitz twirls her flaming hair out across a complex and original musical creation, in which virtuoso instrumental performances and pulsating rhythms merge to form a wholly unique sound. Imagine Edith Piaf in the body of Mrs Jessica Rabbit, wandering through a landscape of suburban fairy tales and electric static clouds. Guitarist Jesse Lubitz thumps up dust from the floor of the stage, the Daniel Farugia’s drums rumble, the organ whirrs, and up over the top of everything floats the prodigal Alex Burkoy’s achingly sad violin.

Since their early days as Australian folk darlings, brother-and-sister duo Tinpan Orange have evolved into a dizzyingly original musical force. Still evident is the lush songcraft and lyrical depth for which they are renowned, but the landscape in which the songs are set has shifted…

Their new album, ‘Over the Sun’ (2012), produced by Steven Schram, sees the band transplanted into the middle of an operatic third act with high drama all around, full orchestra in flight, the drums of war rumbling…

‘The housewife casts her mind back, over the sun, through past loves, past lives, and all the crazy and
foolish and wonderful things that people do, back to some original, ancient pain….

…the housewife goes mad.’

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Doors open 8pm (Music starts 8.40pm)