Bobby Valentine & The Extraordinnaires

Saturday 10 June


50 years ago around this time of year, I’d finally saved enough of my lunch money to pay for half a Guitar! My Mother, ever encouraging me to settle into something, saw an opportunity with the burgeoning interest in the Guitar as the instrument of the day (who was it said it was a passing fad?) and put up the other half. Off we went to one of the ancient music shops in Russell St. Melbourne and purchased a nylon string ‘Spanish’ Guitar and a ‘how to play’ book.

This set me off on the journey that finds me celebrating almost a whole lifetime and an entire career wrapped around one version of the instrument or another.

There are a million stories to tell from plugging our Guitars into transistor radios with the earplug taped to the soundboard (producing a very warm Fuzztone just like John got on “I feel fine’) to owning a signature Maton, my first Strat (at age 58) and then we start on the gigs!

I’m joined on stage with my latest band The Extraordinnaires featuring my oldest living friend Co Tipping, with whom I’ve shared about a dozen bands (he’ll be doing the heavy Guitar lifting – I mean it’s like having a dog and barking yourself) Rob Hornbuckle on Bass, Tim O’Connor on Drums with Extrasspecial guest Ollie McGill on keys (from The Cat Empire).

It’ll be a Guitar led potpourri of the last 30 years – a career that’s spanned the music generations from Swing to Metal and back with a very heavy dose of Blues.

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