Daniel Kahn & Psoy Korolenko: The Unternationale

Wednesday 22 March


Daniel Kahn (USA, Germany) is the frontman of the punk-folk cult-kapelye ‘The Painted Bird’. A singer, songwriter and translator, Kahn’s Yiddish rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ has been viewed by thousands online.

Psoy Korolenko (USA, Russia) is a poet-singer/songwriter, scholar, journalist and musician. This avant-bard Muscovite created his unique multilingual cabaret, combining traditions of Russian and European popular and urban folk song, and Yiddish folk and theatre song, with elements of rap and free-style poetry. Together, they are ‘The Unternationale’, a dialectic duo of daring polyglot pandemonium.

They are also known as Brothers Danik and Pasha Nazaroff, two of the traveling troubadours tracing the trails of their long lost ‘Prince’ Nazaroff. Together, they smuggle songs across the borders, language, culture, ideology, taste and timezone. UNMISSABLE!

The Painted Bird

Daniel Kahn & Psoy Korolenko3

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