Group Bookings

Here at the Flying Saucer, we know how difficult it can be to arrange large groups of people for an event so the following information is designed to make your booking process as smooth as possible.

There are 2 ways in which to make group bookings:

1. Make one booking on behalf of everyone that will be attending – This is by far the easiest way to organise a group booking as you set the amount of tickets for the booking and all your group members will automatically be seated together. However to arrange this form of booking, you will need to be fairly organised and have your group members commit to attendance as you will be paying up front for your entire group. (Please note: Bookings are according to seats and NOT tables and our tables, which seat between 7-12 people maximum, are shared)

2. Instruct each group member to make their own booking and then get them to notify the venue once they have done so – In this instance, you as the organiser will need to have already booked a ticket so that the group can assign a seating request to your initial booking (we cannot take seating requests without the organiser’s booking name to refer to). Our booking system allows for people to leave an order note regarding seating requests during the booking process, so please advise all your group members to do so. If for some reason they don’t leave us a note via the booking process, they will need to notify us via email at  Please note: If we do not receive any communication regarding seating arrangements prior to the day of the event, then we cannot guarantee that group members will be seated together. Also, if seating for the event has sold out prior to a booking being made, we cannot allocate anymore seating for your group members.
***PLEASE NOTE: If you are a member of a Social group such as, it is important that you get in touch with the organiser first to determine what booking name you are to be grouped with and then let us know after you have made your booking***

Late / Last Minute Bookings:

If you have an additional group member to add to the booking list, please ensure that they book their ticket first and then advise us of the name of the group they wish to be seated with (Initial booking name). If any additional group member’s tickets are booked in your (the organiser’s) name, then you do not need to advise us as they will automatically be seated with you. ***PLEASE NOTE: We can only accommodate last minute bookings for seats if there are still seats available ***


Due to demand, we cannot hold seats / tables due to our limited capacity, so it is advisable that you arrange a group booking as early as possible. Please note that seats usually sell quite quickly at our venue so it always best to book for a large group as soon as an event goes on-sale. The best way to find out when a show goes on sale is to be notified via our weekly email newsletter. Visit to subscribe.